Date in my archives: 4-12-95

Forwarded with subject: pirate humor...



So anyway, there are these two pirates, eh. One's got a wooden leg and a hook and even a patch, too. The other one's just got the pirate clothes. So the second pirate says to the first, "how'd ya get that wooden leg mate?" The first replys "arrr, it done got bit off bye a varment shark." The second pirate is of course impressed, "aye, dat's really a pirate ting to have happen. How'd ya get dat metal hook?". The first replys "lost err in a sword fight, bastard cut off me bloody hand!" "aye, dat's really a pirate ting to have happen" says the second pirate, again impressed. "How'd ya get dat patch on your eye?" "Well I was up in the crow's nest eh, and I lookedup to spy this seagull" says the pirate's pirate, "and the damn ting shit rite in me eye". In disbelief the second pirate says "Well, how'd dat make ya blind." The first pirate of course replyed: "first day wit me hook."